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Tihosuco ejidos and SICT finally come to agreement after five day road block

Tihosuco, Q.R. — After a five-day road block, ejidos of Tihosuco, who met with state officials, have agreed to open the highway. The agreement was made after the Secretary of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportes (SICT) agreed to begin making land use payments.

The group met with State Secretary, Cristina Torres late Thursday. During their meeting, the SICT and ejiods agreed to payments that will begin the first week of April. It is the third time the two groups have met over the lack-of-payments in recent months.

Ejido president of the commissioner, Margarito Poot Moo, warned that if they fail to comply again, the blockade will resume and a permanent toll booth will be installed until the SICT payment is fully recovered.

Details of the payment regarding the 131 hectares owned by the eidos were not provided.

Earlier this week, taxi drivers from the Francisco May Union set up their own road block in protest of the ongoing roadblock by the ejidos who were charging between 50 and 100 pesos for motorists to pass.