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FCP taxi drivers set up roadblock in protest of ejido roadblock

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — Taxi drivers from the Francisco May Union set up their own road block in protest of an ongoing roadblock by area ejidos. The saga of the two opposing roadblocks kept traffic at bay again Thursday.

Taxi drivers that run the Felipe Carrillo Puerto-Valladolid route arrived to block the road after protesting ejidos started charging vehicles ‘tolls’ to use the highway. The four-day old protest by ejidos again involved land use compensation.

Francisco May taxi drivers blocked a section of the Tihosuco highway demanding that the ejidos unblock the road and stop charging the illegal tolls of between 50 and 100 peso to pass.

The ejido blockade began Monday. Residents are blocking a section of highway that passes through Tihosuco to Merida. They are hoping that by blocking the road, the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SICT) will comply with compensation of 27.4 million peso for lands that were expropriated from them more than 50 years ago and which has since been turned into the highway.

Since the SICT refused the payment, the ejidos are charging the illegal tolls.