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Three Mexico City officers charged with extortion after threatening citizens with false charges

Mexico City, Mexico — Three Mexico City police officers have been formally charged with extortion. The two men and one woman were charged Tuesday after a court appearance.

According to the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (FGJCDMX), the three Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) police officers were charged after “according to the investigations, in recent days, the defendants, in their capacity as preventive police officers, possibly requested cash from three people so as not to make them available to the Public Ministry agent accused of crimes that they did not commit.”

The Fiscalía General de Justicia de la Ciudad de México (FGJCDMX) reported that on December 15 of this year, the three officers were in a plaza located in the Santa Úrsula Xitla neighborhood where Abraham “N”, Christian “N” and Alejandra “N” were located by the three SSC officers who told them that they would be inspected because they looked suspicious.

However, instead of inspecting them, police removed them from the plaza and placed them inside a police unit where they were driven around for several hours and not told of the reason for their detainment.

In their statement, the Prosecutor’s Office explained that once inside the patrol car, they toured the area without making them available to an authority or justifying the deprivation of liberty.

Police finally stopped the truck. There are allegations of physical abuse. The three detained were threatened to be turned over to the Public Ministry and accused of various crimes if they did not pay the officers a specified amount of money.

The officers were paid off and the three detained let go, after which time, they filed an official complaint with the the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office. The three officers charged with extortion have been named as Christian “N”, Alejandra “N” and Abraham “N”.