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Three arrested in Costa Maya after federal search and seizure of hundreds of animals

Costa Maya, Q.R. — Three men have been arrested after a search of their property revealed captive endangered animals. On Thursday, the Quintana Roo State Attorney General’s Office reported the arrest of the three men and the rescue of the animals found on the property.

The Attorney General reported that the search took place on a ranch in Xul-Ha, a town northwest of Chetumal near Bacalar. The ranch searched was located just off the Chetumal-Bacalar federal highway. Once inside, agents located 164 exotic animals, some of which are considered endangered species, along with 148 domestic animals.

Federal agents participating in the search and seizure also noted some caged and abused animals, some of which were chained, while others were found in skeletal form.

The FGE reported the search of the property came after field work when prosecutors obtained information and evidence that allowed them to request the search warrant. They said that the property was processed and evidence collected.

“At the site, three male persons were detained, who were placed at the disposal of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) for a federal crime,” they added.

“Among the insured animals seized from the property were one crocodile, two spider monkeys, eight pheasants and two cockatoos along with macaws, parakeets, peacocks, axolotls, guinea fowls, pony horses, ducks, rabbits and chickens, among others,” they detailed in their report.