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Suspected Cuban boat found abandoned at Puerto Aventuras

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — A small make-shift boat believed to be of Cuban origin, was reported abandoned on a beach in Puerto Aventuras.

Emanuel Hedding Medina, director of Civil Protection, said the sighting of the boat was reported by local citizens.

“We received a report that there was a boat that arrived at 3:00 in the morning for what they could detect, but they did not see any people,” said the official.

Civil Protection personnel boarded the abandoned boat and found several bags of personal belongings along with a few large containers of gas. He says the boat is rustic, made of boards and sticks but was resistant. He noted that the engine used was that of a tractor.

“We found diesel fuel and we also found fresh water, which gives us the suspicion that people survived, although we do not know for sure.

“We are here protecting everything to prevent it from generating an accident,” he explained.

He said that they are guarding the boat, adding that no one was seen and are assumed to have fled. He added that they suspect there were four or five crew members onboard.

The Secretariat of the Navy has been informed.