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Suspect in 17 million peso FCP heist captured in Playa del Carmen

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — A suspect identified as Miguel Ángel “N” has been arrested in relation to the November 10 heist of 17 million pesos. The heist happened at the private home of an ejido leader in the town of Chumpón who had received the government payment in exchange for quarry work on the communal land.

The man, along with a second unidentified person, was arrested in west Playa del Carmen. At the time of the arrest, police located the pair with 1.2 million pesos in cash. FGE personnel report the second person is being investigated for their possible involvement.

“The State Attorney General’s Office reports the arrest of two men for their probable participation in a multi-million-peso robbery that occurred in the town of Chumpón, in the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, managing to recover the amount of 1.2 million pesos,” they reported.

Police captured the suspect with 1.2 million pesos in cash. Photo: FGE November 20, 2023.

Miguel Ángel “N” was captured occurred during a preventive security tour in the irregular neighborhood In-House in Playa del Carmen while traveling aboard a vehicle.

During an inspection of his belongings, agents found 1.2 million pesos, money believed part of the 17 million stolen earlier in the month. He was also found in possession of substances with characteristics similar to known drugs such as crystal and marijuana.