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Suspect arrested in robbery that left homeowner injured

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — Juan Pablo “N” has been apprehended for a home robbery in Felipe Carrillo Puerto. On September 6, he along with two other males, entered a home where those inside were stripped of anything of value and the homeowner injured.

In a State Attorney General Office report, Juan Pablo “N” was arrerested for his probable participation in the crime of aggravated robbery against two male victims.

On September 6 of this year, the accused, along with two other people, entered a home where they found a minor whom they threatened and demanded to hand over anything valuable. After ransacking the house, he allegedly seized cash and other objects.

“During the assault, the minor’s father arrived at the property and struggled with the now detained man, suffering injuries. Municipal police managed to capture Juan Pablo “N” when he was trying to evade justice. He was placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry,” the FGE reported.