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Still no luck in third time eviction of squatters from Tulum land

Tulum, Q.R. — Authorities from the State Attorney General’s Office have had three failed attempts at evicting illegal squatters from Tulum land. On Wednesday, authorities tried for the third time to break up a large group of illegal residents in the irregular settlement of Carlos Joaquín on the outskirts of the town of Tulum.

Agents in 16 police units arrived accompanied by a judicial clerk to secure the property. However, upon arrival, they were greeted by a blocked road and angry mob on the other side. While those confronting officers were told of their eviction, they did not comply and continue to squat on the large piece of privately-owned land.

In July of last year, authorities tried to evict the same group, even using teargas, but were not successful in getting them to leave. In February of this year, authorities returned to the land to try for a second time to evict them.

The Public Ministry of Tulum has a seizure order for the land derived from two complaints for dispossession. The group of squatters, which has grown to more than a hundred, have illegally lived on the land for more than a year.