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Angry mob greet Tulum police during attempted dispossession eviction

Tulum, Q.R. — More than a dozen police officers who were sent to evict a group from Tulum land were met with rocks. Municipal officers were sent to the 2 de Octubre neighborhood of the town to complete a court order to remove those occupying the land.

However, upon their arrival, dozens of angry residents emerged, setting fires, blocking roads and holding officers back by throwing rocks. Federal, State and Ministerial Agents participated in the operation on Mercurio Street, however, there were more angry residents than police, who eventually retreated.

Two officers received minor injuries. The secretary of Security and Citizen Protection of the municipality of Tulum, Óscar Aparicio, posted “elements complied with a court order to vacate a property in the municipal seat of Tulum. During this legal intervention, there was an outbreak of violence, so we suspended the action pending better conditions.

“The federal, state and municipal corporations made use of public force proportionally and respecting human rights. We want to reiterate to the people of Tulum that the rule of law will prevail in our municipality.”