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State inaugurates new high tech security filter at border

Chetumal, Q.R. — One of the several security control modules that will operate at the entrances and exits of state cities was inaugurated by Governor Carlos Joaquín.

The newly installed module, which is located at kilometer 12.5 of the Bacalar highway -Chetumal, was officially inaugurated by the state governor in Chetumal Wednesday.

“Today we fulfill one of the most heartfelt demands of the community, to safeguard the inhabitants of the capital of our state and of neighboring communities,” he said.

The module is the first of its kind with state-of-the-art technology. The monitoring module consists of three booths, two arches with a reading camera, armor and 39 security cameras, 24 of which are exterior and 15 interior.

At the opening ceremony, Governor Carlos Joaquin said “The problem of insecurity is not new, but from the first day of our government, we worked to combat it to provide families with a safe environment.

“We must understand that violence is not normal, so the first step to fighting it is by each one of us not remaining silent, denouncing violence, participating and collaborating with authorities. We cannot allow a few to take away the peace we all want,” he emphasized.

The construction and equipment of the module was an investment of 15.9 million pesos from the Fondo para el Fortalecimiento Financiero 2018 . The module is fully outfitted with a command and monitoring center, office and forensic section, as well as living quarters that consist of a dining room, bedrooms and showers for the officers.

Secretary of Public Safety, Alberto Capella Ibarra said that in Quintana Roo, efforts have been increased and that all resources, human, financial and material, will be implemented to ensure the proper functioning of the new security module filter.

“The objective is to act decisively against any criminal act that affects or generates any negative consequence toward a person or persons of the Quintana Roo society,” Capella Ibarra noted.