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State could impose new vest, helmet stamped law for motorcyclists

Chetumal, Q.R. — Within four months, a state mobility law could see motorcyclists wearing a helmet and neon vest with their plate number stamped on the back.

The move, which is included in the state Mobility Law article 47 and 172, could result in the mandatory wearing of the vest and helmet as part of the state’s traffic regulations. If enforced, the law would affect approximately 128,000 registered motorcycle drivers around Quintana Roo.

The argument to impose the mobility law was greater security, not only to prevent the theft of units, but also to promote proper protection of drivers to reduce accident risks.

However, José Romero Ibarra, national president of Consejo de la Federación Rodando y Creando Cultura para el Motociclismo, said he hopes to gather at least 20,000 signatures to file a formal petition with the new XVI Legislature to reverse the new standard.

He argues that “In Veracruz they tried to establish a similar measure, copying a failed Colombian model. The problem is that they only exposed the motorcyclists who were assaulted by real criminals to steal their helmets and vests or simply clone them to commit their misdeeds. Fortunately we managed to reverse it.”

If imposed, a motorcycle driver will have to pay between 80 and 100 peso to have a vest stamped with their plate number. Non-compliance includes a fine of between 300 and 600 peso. The state could impose the new rules in about four months.