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State Congress investigating alleged police bribery after member arrested

Chetumal, Q.R. — An investigation has begun into the actions of a member of Quintana Roo legislation. The investigation was launched after the man was captured on video offering police money during his arrest.

The arrest of the legislative member, Fernando “Q”, took place Saturday night. Fernando “Q” is the Director of Congress Public Relations as well as a political party member.

The investigation into his actions has been confirmed by the Secretary General of the State Congress, Benjamín Vaca González, who said it is important to distinguish between what people do during their work hours versus their personal time.

Fernando “Q” was captured on video Saturday night being arrested in an alleged state of intoxication after being pulled over for running a red light. Officers saw the car being driven recklessly and run the light when it was intercepted and stopped.

During his arrest, he is heard offering police officers 5,000 peso for his release.

Vaca González said they will determine if the actions of Fernando “Q” were during working hours or on his own personal time, but added “it is a behavior that society disapproves of since every public servant must behave correctly at all times.”

He said that the law on the responsibility of public servants is clear regarding the behavior of officials and when fines should be applied.