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State back to yellow after significant increase in Covid-19 infections detected

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Due to a significant increase in recorded covid-19 infections, the entire state of Quintana Roo will regress back to a yellow epidemiological light. Governor Carlos Joaquin has announced that as of January 10, both the north and south will go back.

He said that while some businesses will see a reduction in their operating capacities, the focus will be mainly on reinforcing health protocols. In his most recent address, he explained that the current hospital occupancy rate has increased to 7 percent, up from the average of 3 percent during recent weeks, noting that there have not been any reports of deaths.

Joaquín made it clear that the economy will not close, but that all the indications are there to regress back to yellow, adding that efforts must be made to reduce the contagion curves.

In yellow, he says essential activities will continue while observing all the health prevention measures that were established since the beginning of the pandemic. He added that hotels, restaurants and tourist activities will be reduced to a 60 percent occupation rate, as will shopping centres, while outdoor social activities can operate at a 70 percent capacity and indoor, at 50 percent.

For events of more than 150 people, it will be necessary for attendees and organizers to present a negative antigen test not more than 48 hours prior to the event. Nighttime mobility will also be restricted, he said.

He stressed that the change in epidemiological light does not mean tourists are not arriving. It is about reinforcing the use of hygiene habits, preventive measures and health protocols to more effectively contain coronavirus infections.

He also made it clear that there is no business closure. He reiterated that “the economy will not close. That will not happen, but we do have to apply the measures set by the epidemiological light.”

He emphasized that being in yellow for the next week does not affect the arrival of tourists. The State Secretariat of Health (SESA) has asked residents to continue with the application of preventive measures and health protocol in order to decrease the number of cases of contagion and return to a green epidemiological light.