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Seven guns, ammo and illegal vehicle gets American man arrested entering Mexico

Matamoros, Tamaulipas — An American man found attempting to enter Mexico with unregistered weapons has been arrested. On Thursday, National Guard (GN), in coordination with personnel from the National Customs Agency of Mexico (ANAM), detained a person who intended to enter national territory with long weapons, magazines and cartridges.

When carrying out surveillance and crime prevention inspections at the Puente Nuevo International crossing in the municipality of Matamoros, elements of both institutions requested a vehicle inspection of the U.S. driver after he received a red traffic light at the filter.

While inspecting his truck, authorities located a total of seven guns, five long and two short, along with 500 cartridges and eight magazines. “The driver stated that the weapons and cartridges were his property, but he did not have the corresponding permits to carry them and enter national territory, so he was detained,” National Guard reported in their statement.

The American man was also asked to prove legal ownership and legal origin of the vehicle, for which he did not have the paperwork. He was read his rights and taken into legal custody. His truck and weapons were seized.