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Second four-car Maya Train convoy scheduled to arrive in Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — Maite Ramos Gómez, the Director of Alstom México, says that the second Rolling Jaguar Tren Maya convoy will arrive in Cancun Tuesday.

Ramos says a new four-car convoy from Sahagún has left bound for the city of Cancun for testing. This latest convoy, he reported, left the Sahagún factory on October 25 and is scheduled to arrive in Cancun on October 31.

On social media, Governor Mara Lezama said “Good news! A second train from Tren Maya. The person in charge of Alstom said that, from here, they will continue with static and dynamic tests. We are getting closer to traveling and bringing well-being to the Mexican southeast, along the paths of transformation.”

The car will begin the testing process prior to the inauguration of the railway project

During the Monday morning Presidential press conference, Maite Ramos Gómez announced the anticiapted arrival of the cars in Cancun for October 31. He reported that once in Cancun, the testing process will begin prior to the inauguration of the railway project in December.

“As you know, on July 8, the first Xiinbal train, which means to move (in the Mayan language), was delivered and arrived in Cancun. With this train we began static and dynamic tests at more than 80 and 90 kilometers (per hour),” he recalled.

Ramos Gómez reported that last week, they exceeded 125 kilometers per hour and will continue working on the speed issue.

He announced that on October 25, the second train left the Ciudad Sahagún plant in Hidalgo. It is being escorted by National Guard along its 1,900 kilometer week-long journey to Cancun.

“The family continues to grow. It is preparing to receive the brother… (the new train) which is traveling more than 1,900 kilometers to also be able to reach the workshop in Cancun,” he explained.

This new train is also an Xiinbal type, which is the standard category and is made up of four cars with capacity for 230 passengers in its four-car configuration. The train weighs 49 tons, measures 25 meters and will reach speeds of 160 kilometers per hour.

The director of Alstom reported that on Sunday, the convoy carrying the train spent the night in Campeche and will arrive no later than Tuesday morning in Quintana Roo where a meticulous unloading and coupling process will be carried out.