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Riviera Maya restaurant sector demanding more effort in the fight against extortion

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Given the recent simultaneous attacks on restaurants in Benito Juárez and Solidaridad, Marc Puyol, President of Coparmex Riviera Maya, reported that there is concern on the part of the business sector about extortion and alleged so-called floor right charges.

He says it is unfortunate that crime has grown at the same rate as Riviera Maya and that tourism is driven away from Cancun which has become a successful tourist destination.

According to Puyol, 80 percent of businesses extorted do not report the threats to local authorities out of fear.

“Eighty percent of businessmen do not report extortion threats and if they do not make a report, there is no resolution or way for the authorities themselves to resolve the extortion situation,” he explained.

He said it is necessary to file a legal complaint so authorities can eliminate the problem of extortion. Therefore, the Confederación Patronal de la República Mexicana (Coparmex) have requested businesses have faith in local authorities and above all for the businessman to file a complaint.

Through a statement, Coparmex Riviera Maya has asked authorities to stop extortion in Playa del Carmen and Cancun after a restaurant chain was shot at over the weekend. The same seafood restaurant, one located in Cancun and the other in Playa del Carmen, were shot at Sunday afternoon at the same time. The shootings are believed extortion-related.

Puyol is urging authorities to protect businesses and guarantee the safety of citizens, requesting more effort and strength in their security strategy together with the Attorney General’s Office of Quintana Roo.

He says from the private sector, we promote the culture of reporting and are calling on our legislators to urgently classify extortion as a serious crime with a Constitution reform of Article 73, Fracc 21.

Currently, complaints of extortion or floor right collection fees are generally classified along with other low-impact crimes.

Coparmex Riviera Maya has over 140 affiliated companies representing more than 30,000 jobs.