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Right place at the right time as Cancun police detain 5 robbing stores with knives, replica gun

Cancun, Q.R. — Police in Cancun arrest a group of youths for robbing stores armed with knives and a replica firearm. The group of five were taken into police custody in SM 90 when police spotted their waiting get-away car.

Police report the group were threatening staff in shops along Puerto Juárez Avenue armed with knives and a replica of a firearm. Four of them entered the stores as a group, while a fifth waited in a running car.

Cancun police happened upon the group and their running get-away vehicle, which lead to a store manager approaching police saying he had just been robbed by them. Upon a search, police found around 150 package of cigarettes and 10 bottles of alcohol of varying brands and sizes.

Detained are 18-year-old Cristopher N, 20-year-old Josué N, 25-year-old Carlos N, one woman identified only as María and a 14-year-old minor.