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Riders pronounced at scene after driver collides with Chetumal sign

Chetumal, Q.R. — A man and woman were killed Saturday morning in a single vehicle motorcycle accident. The unidentified pair were traveling on an inner-city Chetumal highway when they collided with the base of a metal structure.

According to motorist witnesses, the driver of the motorcycle had descended from a city overpass when he lost control. The bike with both its passengers slammed into the metal base of a large city sign.

Witnesses alerted emergency services who sent police and paramedics to the scene where medical personnel pronounced both dead.

Both motorcycle passengers were found several meters from the impact area of the accident. Witnesses are reported to have told police the motorbike hit the base of the pole at a high rate of speed, sending both driver to the pavement.

The bike was destroyed. Agents of National Guard Highways cordoned off the area to carry out the corresponding tasks while forensic medical service personnel removed the bodies.