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Quintana Roo Governor appoints new Undersecretary of Health

Chetumal, Q.R. — The Secretary of Health, Flavio Carlos Rosado, has announced the appointment of Dr. Jorge Gutiérrez Contreras as the new Undersecretary of Health of Quintana Roo.

Dr. Jorge Gutiérrez Contreras was appointed the position by Governor Mara Lezama.

“With the task of contributing to raising the quality of life of the people of Quintana Roo from the health field, and as part of the process of strengthening the Ministry of Health and the State Health Services, Dr. Jorge Gutiérrez Contreras assumed the Undersecretary of said institution,” the Government of Quintana Roo reported in a statement.

Upon taking office, Flavio Carlos Rosado reiterated his confidence in the preparation and experience of the new Undersecretary.

Jorge Gutiérrez served as Deputy Director of Prevention and Health Promotion at the State Health Services of Quintana Roo. He has also served as Deputy Director of the Hospital Clinic of the Social Security Institute at the Service of State Workers, the Director of International Health of the State Health Services and Head of Health Jurisdiction number 2, among other charges.