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Punta Allen road rehabilitation project begins

Tulum, Q.R. — Diego Castañón Trejo, Mayor of Tulum, says he is fulfilling one of his commitments with the rehabilitation of the Punta Allen road. Castañón Trejo says the project to repair the access road will be done with the municipality’s own resources.

According to the Mayor, the rehabilitation of road will modern the urban infrastructure of Tulum to welcome tourists who arrive through the Maya Train and Tulum International Airport.

“We are fulfilling a commitment to you after years of abandoning your access road. And we will do it with the quality and aesthetics that will be demanded of us in a few months by the growing volume of visitors who will arrive to our municipality by train and by air thanks,” he said.

“We have to continue enchanting our already beautiful Tulum with projects that serve the people and that promote responsible tourism and, above all, that generate social justice for each of you.

“Before, tourism profits remained in the hands of a few. Today in Tulum, with the new government, prosperity will be shared,” Castañón Trejo said.

The Director of Public Works Monitoring for Tulum, Santos Hipólito Tuz Chi, reported that the project will cost around 10.4 million pesos and will be carried out to improve the quality of the road and its resistance to climatic conditions.

The project was approved by Tulum City Council in late September. It is expected to be finished by the third week of December.