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Puerto Morelos Zofemat officials relieved of their duties for obstructing a police beach operation

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — One coordinator and two inspectors from the Directorate of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone (Zofemat) in Puerto Morelos have been suspended from their positions.

On Monday, the three Zofemat officials were suspended from a September 13 incident where they were found to be hindering a Playa Segura (Beach Safe) operation that was being carried out by the Group for the Coordination of Peace and Security of Quintana Roo.

The State Security and Citizen Justice Board and the organization Mexico SOS, which is a branch of the Security and Citizen Justice Board, reported the suspensions taken by the mayor of Puerto Morelos, Blanca Merari Tziu Muñoz.

The now-former Zofemat workers were relieved from their jobs when, on September 13, members of the Peace and Security Group were carrying out a Puerto Morelos beach review operation of two hotels when they were intercepted by the Zofemat officials.

The review operation was being made after reports of various merchandise, equipment and installations on the beach. When the Peace and Security Group asked for the corresponding permits, none were provided.

During the inspection, three people arrived identifying themselves as inspectors and coordinator of the Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone of Puerto Morelos. They attempted to prevent the operation, however, police pointed out along with the illegal set up, the discovery of narcotics.

The head of the FGE of Quintana Roo, Óscar Montes de Oca, was on scene when the operation lead to the seizure of the narcotics and equipment. The three Zofemat officials were relieved for their positions by the mayor of Puerto Morelos after being reported for obstruction of a police operation.