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Puerto Morelos signs agreement for management and regularization of land amid housing crisis

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — In what she described as an act of responsibility for the sustainable growth of the municipality, Puerto Morelos Mayor Blanca Merari Tziu Muñoz signed a Collaboration Agreement for the Management and Regularization of Land with the National Institute of Sustainable Land (Insus).

She spoke out in favor of putting an end to the uncontrolled growth of urban areas and the occupation of rural land with forestry and agricultural vocation, which together with the lack of a supply of land for adequate housing, have caused irregular human settlements and loss of valuable environmental, cultural and productive land in Puerto Morelos.

“This generates controversies over land ownership and possessions outside the law which leave, as a consequence, housing in inadequate habitable conditions, absence of public services, lack of accessibility to urban infrastructure and equipment and many of the benefits a city can offer, reinforcing the conditions of marginalization to the detriment of the most vulnerable groups in society,” she said.

“Our commitment as an authority is orderly and sustainable growth,” she said.

“This event seems to me to be an act of responsibility for the growth of our municipality, responsibility with the environment, society, order, development and with those who see us as an investment site,” she added.

Muñoz pointed out that Puerto Morelos can only aspire to a sustainable present and future for all if the foundations are laid today for the development of a smart city which generates spaces for recreation, decent mobility conditions or areas of commercial opportunity, investment and services that effectively respond to the tourist vocation of the municipality which makes it a destination with constant demand.

In that sense, she said that the signing of the agreement with Armando de Jesús Rivas Zavala, the Rgional Representative of Insus, is fundamental because to address problems such as those mentioned, legal instruments and public policies aimed at territorial and ecological planning, including regularization of land ownership are required.

“Only in this way will we put an end to disordered growth in both urban areas and those with a productive and forestry vocation and will keep Puerto Morelos on the correct path, that of generating better living conditions for our families with an orderly and dignified development,” she explained.

Armando de Jesús Rivas Zavala thanked the will and work of the municipal authority to conclude the first stage of a path that will lead to solving problems of irregular settlements and will give legal certainty to many families.

Insus, as a decentralized body of the federal public administration, grouped in the sector coordinated by the Secretariat of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development, has the objective of planning, designing, directing, promoting, agreeing and executing programs, strategies, projects, actions and investments related to land management and regularization, with territorial, planned and sustainable development criteria.

The agreement came after several incidences of evictions from land overtaken by irregular settlers in the municipality of Puerto Morelos.