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Group of potential settlers evicted from Puerto Morelos properties

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — A group of people who were evicted from a property along Ruta de los Cenotes protested Friday in front of Town Hall and along the federal highway. The group said they arrived Sunday to settle on lots that were for sale.

Police from Cancun arrived early Friday morning to evict the group of potential settlers. According to the Government of Puerto Morelos, the land is owned by both private individuals and the state government.

In a statement, the Government of Puerto Morelos said on Friday, “officials from the Puerto Morelos City Council set up a meeting with people who demand land for housing in the municipality and who, during the early morning, were peacefully evicted from the properties owned by the state government and private individuals.

“The meeting was headed by the General Secretary of the City Council, José de Jesús Espinosa Payán, who, in the first instance, clarified to the citizens who had previously demonstrated in front of the Municipal Palace and the federal highway that the local government is not the owner of those invaded lands, therefore cannot exercise any action on them.”

The group arrived on the land located along Ruta de los Centoes August 13 with the intent of settling. In their statement, City Council acknowledged that the people are exposing the needs of Puerto Morelos families in terms of housing.

Puerto Morelos City Council says they have offered “to become a link and communication channel between land applicants and property owners since the Council clearly understands the need of the most vulnerable families in Puerto Morelos.”