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Protesters take to Puerto Morelos streets in objection to Old Town park remodel

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — A group of protesters took to the streets of Puerto Morelos Wednesday objecting the remodeling of the town’s parque del Casco Antiguo. A few dozen people marched along municipal roadways carrying banners demanding talks with authorities after a historic kiosk was demolished several days before.

Those participating in this latest protest met under the federal highway bridge where they carried signs, some requesting “Laura’s dismissal”, while others said “it is not just the park, it is the lack of transparency” and also demanding the dismissal of Gumersindo Jiménez Cuervo, the director of Public Security.

“Today, it is not just about the park, it is about all the omissions, violations of our rights and the lack of attention to the real needs of Puerto Morelos” shouted a protester while placing a sign on the containment fence that separates it from its park, “this port belongs to everyone, not just a few.”

Another protester said “despite all our requests to the municipal government, they have never responded and the few times they have done so, they have been partial and ignored our demands. We do not agree with the process. There was not even a tender. Public information is not available.”

Puerto Morelos officials have met stiff opposition since the remodeling project was announced last year. However, not everyone is in opposition of the remodel. Several town businesses have placed banners outside their establishments showing support for the changes.

Earlier this month, five people were arrested during a protest in central Puerto Morelos when heavy machinery arrived during the night hours to demolish the Old Town Park. Excessive force was used in their arrests that resulted in three female officers being temporarily removed from their positions.