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Profeco suspends two Mexican airline companies for charging for carry-on luggage

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco — The Office of the Federal Prosecutor for the Consumer (Profeco) has sanctioned airlines Volaris and Viva Aerobús for failing to comply with two warnings.

The federal consumer agency fined both airlines after they continued to charge their customers for carry-on luggage. On Thursday, the Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor (Profeco) affixed suspension stamps on the airline’s weigh-scale kiosks in San Luis Potosí and Puerto Vallarta airports.

Three of Mexico’s airline companies were warned by the agency last week regarding charges for carry-on baggage. To date, only AeroMéxico has complied.

“I make a call to all the airlines that operate in Mexico. The cheapest rate they have, the basic rate, must include one piece of hand luggage weighing less than 10 kilos per passenger,” said Profeco head Ricardo Sheffield.

His warning came after airlines were found advertising low rates then charging customers for carry-on luggage once they checked in.

“Every fare must give the consumer the right to that piece of hand luggage,” said Ricardo Sheffield.

Since the suspension stickers were placed ,Viva Aerobús has said that its base or regular rate, Viva Smart, includes two carry-on bags that add up to 15 kilograms in total and 25 kilograms of checked luggage as indicated in current regulations.

Likewise, the airline said that in order to support passengers who “renounce their right to carry luggage”, three other rates were implemented that offer discounts.

“Aware of the passenger’s needs, given the closeness of the airline to its customers, Viva Aerobús goes a step further in terms of customizing flights to benefit the economy of travelers.

“For this reason, it also has the Zero, Light and Extra rates that imply a significant discount to the passenger for waiving their right to carry luggage. At all times, the passenger is informed during the purchase process about what they can transport depending on the travel option they hire,” they said.

Viva Aerobús said that even with the presence of the suspension seals, the operation of its flights continued without any inconvenience.