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Police subcommand center set for Puerto Aventuras

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — With an investment of more than 5 million peso, the administration of Playa del Carmen says they will build a subcommand police center in Puerto Aventuras.

The administration of the municipal president, Laura Beristain Navarrete, reports the construction of the new subcommand center in the Puerto Aventuras Delegation under Public Safety and Traffic Commander Jorge Robles Aguilar.

They report that the new center will provide security services in the way of attention and response time to the more than 48,000 residents.

“We are advancing in the consolidation of a secure Solidaridad,” said Commander Jorge Robles adding that “this subcommand center will allow police elements to base themselves in the same delegation to maintain a strong presence in the area. Residents will also no longer have to leave to access the services and procedures.”

The subcomandancia of the Municipal Police is located on Caracolillo Street of Puerto Aventuras and will offer full services to provide support to citizens including the processing and renewal of a driver’s license as well as a Department of Experts and area of Civic Judges.

Commander Jorge Robles said that the new facilities will strengthen the ties between residents and police, allowing Puerto Aventuras to have a greater number of elements to lower crime rates and create a peaceful environment.