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Police make arrest after stumbling upon an assaulted man abandoned on a Cancun beach

Cancun, Q.R. — Police in Cancun arrested a man alleged responsible for the kidnapping of another man. On Monday, a man was forced at gunpoint to leave the place where he was waiting for his wife.

He was bound hands and feet and physically assaulted before finally being abandoned at a Cancun beach. The injured man was stumbled upon by chance by patrolling officers in the area of Playa del Niño. The officers saw the victim tied up laying in the sand.

The unidentified victim told police that a group of armed men forcefully removed him from where he stood waiting for his wife. They took him to a warehouse where he was tied up and physically assaulted before being dumped at the beach shortly before.

Police used the description to locate at least one of the men believed involved. He was captured near the scene while trying to escape in a waiting vehicle. Cancun police have arrested 33-year-old Marco “N” for kidnapping.