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Playa del Carmen taxi drivers arrested after one mistakes passerby for Uber driver

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A total of three Playa del Carmen taxi drivers were arrested by Municipal Police after one mistook a passerby for an Uber driver. The mistake lead to the taxi driver physically assaulting the unidentified person.

Police were called to the scene where two other taxi drivers were arrested for trying to prevent the detainment of their colleague. All three were were arrested and removed from the scene which took place in the city’s center at Avenida Juárez with Quinta.

Several bystanders videoed the hectic scene where it appears nearly a dozen taxi drivers crowded around the unsuspecting person that one bystander referred to as a tourist. The initiating aggressor was taken into custody along with the two who tried to prevent his arrest.

Dozens of taxi drivers took to the Public Security facilities to press for the release of the three drivers. It’s been reported that after being held for several hours, two were released on administrative offenses, while the initial aggressor was turned over to the Prosecutor’s Office.

On August 13, a Cancun taxi driver was arrested in the Cancun Hotel Zone for attacking an Uber driver. Once taken into custody, dozens of Cancun taxi drivers arrived at the SSP facilities to press for his release.