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Passersby stop to steal eggs rather than help driver of overturned truck

José María Morelos, Q.R. — Nearly a dozen passersby stopped at the scene of an accident Monday, but it was not to help the driver. On Monday, nearly a dozen people traveling along the José María Morelos-Polyuc section of roadway stopped to load up on eggs after a cargo truck overturned.

The accident was reported to emergency bodies at kilometer 154 of the federal highway. Before they arrived, however, other motorists stopped to get what they could from the Crio egg truck.

Reports say the driver of the truck lost control of his unit while taking a corner, causing his truck to land on its side. While waiting for help, others passing by stopped to load up on the unbroken crates of eggs.

Emergency personnel eventually arrived and found the driver. He was taken to hospital with a right shoulder fracture.