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Passenger bus crash outside Chetumal leaves dozens injured

Chetumal, Q.R. — A highway accident involving a bus and semi trailer has reportedly left 50 with varying degrees of injuries. The crash happened Friday morning along the Chetumal-Escárcega highway when the driver of the passenger bus crashed into the back of a parked semi.

The impact threw the bus’ passengers, leaving four in serious condition. A total of seven were rushed to different hospitals in Chetumal. Police and firemen responded to the numerous 911 reports called in about the roadside accident, which happened near the community of Francisco Villa.

Municipal firefighters used the back bed of their pickup for height to remove some of the trapped passengers from inside the crumpled bus.

The National Guard were sent to the scene to direct traffic, while other elements cordoned off the area to avoid another accident. The two-vehicle crash caused traffic to back up for more than three kilometers.