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Over 200 additional illegal immigrants found hidden in southern Quintana Roo

Costa Maya, Q.R. — Over 200 additional illegal immigrants have been located stashed behind metal door compounds in the south of Quintana Roo. Their discovery comes a day after 173 were located traveling on two buses outside Chetumal.

On Wednesday afternoon, a total of 282 undocumented immigrants were found in the communities of Carlos A. Madrazo and Ucum, both of which are located near Ribera del Río Hondo.

According to a report from the Ministry of Public Security, a majority of the illegal immigrants were from Cuba and Nicaragua. The SSP of Quintana Roo reported that the first group of 213 people were located in the back property of a private home in the community of Carlos A. Madrazo.

213 people were located in the community of Carlos A. Madrazo.

A second group of 69 illegal Central Americans were also located at a private home, this time in the community of Ucum. All 282 have been transferred to INM.

Another 69 were found in the town of Ucum.

The day before, 173 illegal immigrants were located traveling on two buses. The buses were pulled over for carrying excessive passengers, which is when authorities learned the two bus loads of Central Americans were being smuggled from Chiapas to the city of Cancun.

Since the first discovery of 173 on Tuesday afternoon, three men have been arrested. A force made up of State Police, the Navy, National Guard (GN), the Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA) and the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) were involved.

Three men believed responsible for transporting the illegal immigrants have been arrested.

Sedena has confirmed those found were from Honduras, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador, Cuba and Nicaragua. Authorities have since arrested Luis N, Jesus N and Rigoberto N. The three detained are alleged to be in charge of transportation.