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Newly opened The Fives Oceanfront hotel at Puerto Morelos fined for Covid-19 health violations

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Two areas of The Fives Oceanfront hotel, including its RoMarley Beach Club, were shut after authorities found nearly 200 people in noncompliance with mandatory health protocols.

The city council of Puerto Morelos says they will not tolerate irresponsible businesses putting people’s lives at risk, which is why municipal authorities shut two areas of The Fives Oceanfront hotel after they found a large group of people on site, none of whom were practicing healthy distancing or wearing mandatory mouth masks.

The hotel, which only opened last week, had two areas shut down for failing to comply with state health protocols after approximately 200 people were found on site.

Orión García Méndez, director of Fiscalization reported that he received precise instructions from mayor Laura Fernández Piña to impose sanctions on the administration of the hotel for carrying out activities without complying with health safety protocols corresponding to the orange state epidemiological light in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The official specified that hotel managers had informed city council that during their opening week, they would only carry out tours with the media in groups of a maximum of six people in order to comply with sanitary provisions.

However, over the weekend, a party was organized that brought together about 200 people without respecting the measures of healthy distance and the obligatory use of mask covers. García Méndez said closings have been established for the hotel’s two consumer centers, including the RoMarley Beach Club, adding that fines will be applied to its operators.

“We have instructions from the municipal president not to tolerate any irregularity that puts our economic recovery at risk. We will apply the same heavy hand against all those who act irresponsibly,” he stressed.

“We are going through a critical moment in which people’s health and life are at risk as well as the progress we have registered in the restart of economic activities, so we must all collaborate to avoid a wave of SARS CoV-2 coronavirus infections,” he said.