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New patrol units delivered to Felipe Carrillo Puerto

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — To strengthen security in Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Governor Mara Lezama Espinosa delivered 13 new patrol units for municipality use.

The vehicles were delivered Friday to police and Felipe Carrillo Puerto Mayor, Maricarmen Hernández Solís. Authorities were on hand to receive the eight pick-up trucks, three sedans and two scooters. The units will be used by the Directorate of Public Safety and Municipal Transit.

“This great municipality is not only great because of its territorial extension, which is one of the two with the largest territory in this beautiful state, but also because of its greatness, because of that extraordinary culture where our Mayan area originated, so here we deliver patrols to strengthen security for the citizens,” said the Governor.

She said that the delivery of the units is also part of the state’s historical debt to the municipaltliy. “We are going to settle that historical debt that we have with Carrillo Puerto, a municipality that the world has to know for its beauties, for its history, for its culture and for its extraordinary people.”

During her speech, the Governor added that they are working on building a new university, a new hospital and beach access points “to truly have a profound transformation.”