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New homes being built for the most needy of José María Morelos

José María Morelos, Q.R. — Some of the most vulnerable residents of the municipality of José María Morelos are being helped with new homes. Mayor Erik Borges Yam toured the area of La Pimientita Tuesday where families have requested assistance.

He visited numerous places where these poor families currently live to verify the land where they have requested new homes. The homes will be built for the most vulnerable under a municipal housing management project.

Borges Yam led a marathon walk throughout the town to personally supervise the land where the owners made requests for housing.

“House by house, family by family,” Borges Yam said he visited all the places of those “who really require support.”

He said that in his government, priority is given to the most vulnerable people, which is why he takes time to visit the families in their own home and give them messages of encouragement to get ahead.

Erik Borges Yam visits a Mayan woman in her home who recently received a new roof as part of the municipal housing project to help those in need. Photo: H. Ayuntamiento de José María Morelos October 31, 2023.

“Here in Pimientita I thank you for giving me the opportunity to govern and now I return to fulfill commitments made because love is repaid with love and it is up to us to give them attention, that is why we are a government of change, which is noticeable with the attention in all the towns.

“Here they have their roofs and now we manage homes,” Borges Yam said.

The Mayor did not say how many people have requested new homes or when the project to build would start. However, it is an extension of a previous recent project that helped people put roofs on their houses.