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Approximately 40 Mayan homes will be roofed through Jose Marie Morelos project

Jose Marie Morelos, Q.R. — Approximately 40 Mayan homes that are without roofs will be finished with municipal help. Families of the modest concrete homes that started to build found themselves unable to finish due to financial difficulty.

On Wednesday, Jose Marie Morelos Mayor Erik Borges Yam, toured the Maya village of X-Cabil where help was requested by families to roof their incomplete homes. During his tour with City Council members, Yam explained that the work is being done directly with families in need and without intermediaries.

He reported that on a work tour in the Mayan community of X-Cabil, he walked house to house to personally visit with the families who requested roofs. “This is done in a democratic manner since it is direct with the beneficiary,” he said.

Accompanied by his team of collaborators including the Subdelegate of Xcabil Ernesto Poot and Commissioner Floro Canté Tun, the group “carried out a marathon walk starting 3:00 p.m. that ended after 8:00 p.m., visiting practically all the families that made a request for roofs,” he explained.

Borges Yam said the visits were a walking verification tour which later, be validated by Public Works of the City Council that will see the unfinished houses roofed.

Borges Yam said that by ending corruption, more resources are generated to bring greater benefits to families, as in in this case more than 40 roofs for X-Cabil.