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National Guard increased along Mexico, Belize border

Chetumal, Q.R. — Approximately 100 elements of the National Guard were deployed along the banks of the Rio Hondo after authorities there discovered another abandoned plane believed used in a recent drug run.

The small plane, which they say has a load capacity of 1.5 tons, was discovered Sunday about four kilometers from La Unión along the Belize border with Mexico. Authorities reported the discovery of the already unloaded plane, which they believe landed during the early morning hours undetected.

This successful landing resulted in a military deployment and increase in National Guard elements to improve surveillance in the area, especially around the communities of La Unión, Ramonal, Sabidos and Pucté.

The National Guard elements will monitor vast areas of jungle, dirt roads and points where the river can be crossed by walking. They note that in recent weeks, there have been continuous aircraft landings along the strip of Belize border from South America.