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National Guard base in Mexico City reduced to ash

Mexico City, Mexico — National Guard facilities in the Iztapalapa region of Mexico City burned to the ground Monday night. Firefighters from the city’s capital arrived to find the old building fully engulfed.

The building was an old sheet metal construction site that the National Guard used as a warehouse and office. Firemen arrived on scene shortly after 10:00 p.m. where they spent several hours battling stubborn flames.

The Bomberos Ciudad de México posted a photo of the completely burned building

According to the National Guard, the entire structure was destroyed, which included their warehouse where they stored firearm cartridges. No injures were reported.

On social media the agency said “The National Guard reports that tonight there was a fire inside the Iztapalapa base, in a warehouse area, with no injuries reported.”

A possible cause for the fire remains a work in progress.