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National Chamber of Telecommunications proposes security camera project for Cancun Hotel Zone

Cancun, Q.R. — A project to install private video surveillance cameras linked to the C5 Centre in Cancun has been proposed. The proposal came from the head of the state’s National Chamber of the Electronic, Telecommunications and Information Technology Industry who says beaches and other public areas would be safer.

Marco Erosa Cárdenas, head of the National Chamber says they have proposed a project that would see the installation of relativity inexpensive Wi-Fi cameras connected to a single server to which the C5 would have access.

He says the connected cameras would be a network throughout the city, including the hotel zone. The cameras would be authorized for monitoring by security companies and the signal would be shared with the C5.

“The four-chamber project costs 25,000 pesos. Each company will determine how many cameras it will need to buy. The idea is to cover public areas such as parking lots, beaches, bars and restaurants, among other points,” he explained.

“Since all the cameras are on the same platform, it will allow them to be monitored. Those that exist today often point to sensitive business areas and that is why it is difficult to share the signal of a restaurant, a hotel or a store with the C5, but with a new cooperative video surveillance project, the team would point exclusively at public areas,” he added.

Erosa Cárdenas says the project has been proposed to about 30 members of the Nautical Associates of Quintana Roo. Three have already agreed to install their cameras next week to start the pilot project.

“It is a closed circuit, but since all the cameras are on the same platform, there is access to different users such as the C5,” he reiterated.

Erosa Cárdenas made it clear that this video surveillance is a complement, not a substitute for the C5 Command Centre of Cancun, who uses more sophisticated equipment.

“Any business that wants to cover a public area can participate in this project,” he said.