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Motortaxis request Mobility Law inclusion

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Motortaxis around the state have requested they be included in the Mobility Law which would not only recognize them, but also allow them to operate legally.

More than 15,000 motortaxi drivers across the state have requested their inclusion in the state’s Mobility Law. The request came after a recent legal reform that did not see them included.

Motortaxi representative, Gilberto Gómez Martínez, requested the Mobility Law inclusion saying this type of transportation already exists in all the municipalities of the state, a situation that is accepted by authorities, however, in spite of this, they are not regulated nor recognized by law, which prevents them from operating legally.

In April, Playa del Carmen taxi drivers blocked roadways in protest of the motortaxis.

This latest reform was the third to the Mobility Law, which has been in effect for less than a year.