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Playa del Carmen taxi drivers protest mototaxis with road blockade

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Dozens of taxi drivers blocked a main Playa del Carmen artery in protest of mototaxis operating around the city.

Taxi drivers from the Lázaro Cárdenas del Río union blocked Avenue CTM for more than an hour Thursday, unhappy with the operation of motor taxis, who they say are without regulation.

Earlier that morning, the taxi drivers had gone to Mission de las Flores to block movement of the motor taxi drivers, claiming that the agreement was that they could not leave Villas del Sol.

After an unsuccessful attempt at dialogue, the motor taxi drivers armed themselves with sticks and stones, threatening the situation with violence, which was when the taxi drivers withdrew and headed to Avenue CTM.

The taxi drivers say that motor taxi operators are violating their agreement between the Mobility Institute and the Solidaridad City Council by providing transport services outside the exclusively quoted fractionations.

Taxi drivers say the agreement was for them to work exclusively in Villas del Sol, but have been seen offering services in Real Ibiza, Guadalupana, Las Flores and Palmas II.

General secretary of the taxi driver union, Rubén Aguilar Gómez, spoke with his union members, but apparently without results.