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More than 600 pot holes patched around Puerto Morelos in four weeks

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — More than 600 pot holes around the municipality of Puerto Morelos have been filled. According to the General Directorate of Public Services, the pot hole filling is part of a permanent patching program.

Leonel Salazar Trejo, who heads the Municipal Public Services, says that permanent monitoring of the of the roads is being done both in the municipal seat and in the Leona Vicario delegation. Holes reported by citizens are also being filled, he said.

“We know that the roads suffer constant deterioration due to the weather and the increase in the number of vehicles that circulate through the destination. In the last four weeks alone we have attended to 667 potholes,” he reported.

Areas that have been tended to are Javier Rojo Gómez, Niños Héroes, Galeón, Propela, Catamaran, Timón with Chacá, Armadillo with Zetina Gasca and Delfín with Zetina Gasca. Also, Vallarta, Calle 52, Joaquín Hendricks Díaz, Allende and the intersection of the federal highway with Chacá.

He pointed out that two brigades of six employees of the General Directorate of Public Services work daily to repair the pot holes.

Aside from pot holes, Salazar Trejo says they have received 32 reports of outed public lights. To date, reconnections have been made in the area of Villas Morelos 1, Porto Morelos, Region 18m Infovir and 23 de Enero.

He added that in Almendro, Caoba, Cedro and Flamboyán Streets and in Fundadores Park in the Old Town of the destination, reflectors have been placed to provide greater visibility.

In May, the municipality of Puerto Morelos began a zero pot hole program that would see a permanent monitoring of streets and immediate repair of holes in public roads.