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Mayor says Puerto Morelos to become municipality with zero potholes

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — A pot hole patching program has begun around Puerto Morelos. Hugo Garza Sáenz, the Municipal Secretary of Public Works and Services, says the program is being launched now to reduce the holes accentuated by the recent rains.

The patching program began Monday morning around the municipality. Garza Sáenz explained that the strategy to deal with the existing holes is being divided into two stages.

The first of which contemplates ending the backlog already accumulated in the roads of the municipality that, according to estimates, would culminate in approximately two months.

The second stage, he explained, will consist of responding to public calls regarding pot holes in less than 24 hours.

“By instructions from Mayor Blanca Merari, Puerto Morelos must become a municipality with zero potholes,” he said.

“We are applying a cold asphalt product that, contrary to the hot asphalt that is commonly used, is the market leader in more than 50 countries and has the distinction of being applied without any problem despite the rains.”

He said “the product has a durability of more than three years.”

He said Puerto Morelos is a pioneer in Quintana Roo in the use of the product called EZ Street Asphalt, which does not require a sealant and can be opened to traffic immediately after its placement.

Garza Sáenz said the pot hole patching program is being started just prior to the start of the rainy season with 262 tons of asphalt to end the backlog. He says that Puerto Morelos has a 40-million-peso public works budget for 2023 of which 90 percent will be used for roadways.