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Military shot at patrolling Bacalar highway region

Bacalar, Q.R. — UPDATED: Military soldiers were reportedly attacked Wednesday while on patrol along the Bacalar-Reforma highway.

Personnel from the 34th Military Zone were performing routine patrols along a section of the highway when they were shot at by unknown persons from a jungle area. The shooting activated an area Red Code. Personnel were immediately supported by elements from the Xtomoc Operations and Training Base (BOA) in the municipality of Bacalar.

Military troops have recently increased surveillance operations in the area in a bid to locate the known criminal cells that are operating in the southern zone of the state.

The military, along with those of the BOA, continued their operation through the jungle to locate shooters, however, nothing was found. Personnel continue to monitor the region. There were no reported injuries to the patrolling military during the shooting.

UPDATE: The Ministry of National Defense reports that after shots were fired against military personnel along the Bacalar-Reforma highway, a search revealed a ranch with people inside. Upon seeing the military, those inside the ranch house fled into nearby jungle where they escaped.

However, military personnel say that during a review of the area they found several weapons including an AK-47 along with handguns, ammunition, tactical gear and drugs of cocaine, crystal and 3.6 kilos of marijuana along with four vehicles, all of which, were seized.