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Military police in Costa Maya lose motorcycle but seize tossed duffle bag of pot

Costa Maya, Q.R. — Approximately 200 small bags of pot were counted out in the bed of an army truck after it was tossed on the side of a Costa Maya highway. The pot was picked up by military officers Monday after the motorcycle with two men they were chasing threw the duffle bag.

Costa Maya military police were patrolling a section of the Ucum – La Unión highway around 4:00 p.m. when they came upon the motorcycle with two men. The pair of men started to act evasive, pulling a U-turn and speeding out of the area when they saw them.

The military truck began a pursuit of the bike, but didn’t get far when they saw a black duffle bag had been tossed. Inside was the 200 bags of marijuana. The two aboard the motorcycle managed to get away by cutting through a farmer’s cane field.