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Mexico reports six consecutive weeks with decline in Covid-19 cases

Mexico City, Mexico — The Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, reported that Mexico continues to record a decline in Covid-19 cases.

On Tuesday, López-Gatell said the sixth wave of Covid-19 in Mexico has been on the decline for the sixth consecutive week.

Hospital occupancy is at 5 percent, he reported. “In epidemiological week number six of 2023, two deaths were recorded as a daily average,” he noted.

“This sixth wave was substantially less than the preceding waves. It was a wave of less intensity mainly due to the protective effect of the vaccines,” he explained Tuesday morning at the press conference with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

He said that thanks to the wide vaccination coverage, in the future, infections will cause less damage among the population.