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Mexico officially applies to host 2036 Olympics

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexico has officially applied to host the 2036 Olympics. Earlier this week, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard reported that the government’s goal is to bring the Olympic Games to Mexico in 2036.

Ebrard reported that Mexico’s application was submitted after a meeting between the Foreign Ministry, the Mexican Olympic Committee and several athletes, where they discussed the possibility of Mexico becoming the venue for the Olympic Games.

“In the month of July, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), through the efforts of the president of the Mexican Olympic Committee, María José Alcalá, sent a communication in which she says that they took note and were very pleased with the interest of Mexico and the support of the government of Mexico,” said the Foreign Minister.

In a press conference, Ebrard specified that the goal is for Mexico to bring the games to the country in 2036 or 2040. “This is how the system works, you sign up for one year and after four years you can compete again if the case is not elected,” he explained.

Ebrard pointed out that after Mexico’s application, a Mexico Promotion Committee should be formed.

“Once the Committee is installed, we are going to start the studies requested by the International Olympic Committee because we want to take into account the changes that have taken place in the organization of the Olympic Games,” he said.

Ebrard pointed out that the financing of the Olympic Games is made up as follows: 30% ticket sales, 30% sponsorships, 10% provided by the host government and the other 30% by the International Olympic Committee.

María José Alcalá, president of the Mexican Olympic Committee, explained that since July 7, Mexico has been considered by the IOC to compete and host the Olympics, a nomination that is supported by the Foreign Minister and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“The Olympic Games have changed now, under the baton of our President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, it has made it possible for cities to participate, countries to participate without being indebted, without having to commit great feats in economic matters, but simply to host with a great capacity for organization and sustainability,” explained the president of the Mexican Olympic Committee.

“The Olympic Games organized in this country would be a strength, a development, a promotion, but above all that Mexico would once again be in the vision of the world,” she said noting that Thomas Bach, through a letter, expressed his welcome for the candidacy of Mexico to host the Olympic Games.

In June, Mexico began the process to host the 2036 Olympic Games. Marcelo Ebrard made the proposal, which if all goes well, will see the country host for a second time.