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Mexico health and tourism say all cruise ships will be received

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — The federal Health and Tourism secretariats reiterate their commitment to respect the provisions of the International Health Regulations of the World Health Organization (WHO), for which cruise ships will be received in the country’s maritime ports.

In accordance with the biosecurity protocols established both nationally and internationally, cruise ships that request to dock in Mexico will be received at their sea ports.

In the event that people traveling on cruise ships show symptoms of the Covid-19 disease or give a positive test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, they will be provided with the required medical attention.

Asymptomatic people or people with mild symptoms will be kept in preventive quarantine, and those with serious symptoms will be treated in the hospitals of the cities where they are found to show symptoms.

People who do not present symptoms can do their tourist activities with respect to the basic prevention measures, which includes the correct use of face masks, frequent hand washing with soap and water or use of 70 percent alcohol-gel and healthy distance.

Regarding a cruise ship that was denied access to two ports in Mexico, it has been reported that the ship was received in the port of Guaymas, Sonora, with the support of the state government.

Mexico maintains its policy of solidarity and fraternity, as well as the principle of non-discrimination toward all people. Both health and tourism authorities remain pending to provide the necessary medical assistance to those who visit for recreation, work, commercial and academic reasons, among other activities, carried out in compliance with national laws.

The statement from Sectur and Salud comes on the day that the landing of a cruise ship in Puerto Vallarta was denied for the second time, where the presence of an active Covid-19 outbreak was confirmed.

The Jalisco Health Secretariat (SSJ) requested a negative antigen test from all passengers who intended to disembark to reduce the risk of transmission and thus be able to authorize the descent. However, the company chose not to take this provision and decided that passengers should not get off, so the cruise ship remained in port for the hours it had planned.

The cruise began its journey on December 24, departing from Long Beach, California and covering its route, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán and Los Cabos.