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Mexico eliminates tariffs on Belize agriculture products

Mexico City, Mexico — During his recent Latin American tour, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that agricultural export tariffs between Mexico and Belize have been eliminated.

In a press release, López Obrador said that Belize will now be able to export agricultural products and basic foods to Mexico without tariffs.

“We have reached an agreement to abolish tariffs on products that Belize can export to our country, that is, it will be possible to export food, agricultural products, beef and other basic food stuffs to Mexico from Belize without paying taxes.

“Tariffs are suspended. We are going to implement authentic, true free trade between our nations,” López Obrador explained. His announcement was made over the weekend in the company of the Prime Minister of Belize, Juan Antonio Briceño.

He said that the application of the Sowing Life in Belize program based on the signed agreement will benefit 2,000 Belizean producers. Antonio Briceño stressed that the elimination of tariffs on basic products will give that country the opportunity to compete in the export of various products that are consumed in Mexico such as rice, cattle, shrimp, fish, corn and beans.

He also said that the signing of the agreement will prevent the country’s poor rural workers from migrating to other countries, adding that poverty is one of the most important challenges that Belize faces.