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Mexico City to apply Cuban vaccine Abdala to curb rising Covid-19 cases

Mexico City, Mexico — Approximately 400,000 Cuban Abdala anti-Covid-19 vaccines are being distributed in Mexico City to help curb increasing positive figures. On Friday, Eduardo Clark, the General Director of the Digital Innovation Agency of Mexico City (ADIP), announced that the Abdala vaccine will be applied in the country’s capital city for reinforcement against Covid-19.

He said that the Cuban Abdala vaccine was approved by the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris) in August of 2021 and has a high degree of effectiveness.

“This vaccine showed an efficacy of 92 percent and is very close to the vaccines that we have applied in the city,” he said.

On Friday, city officials began distributing the vaccine.

“It can be applied both as a universal reinforcement and also for new schemes, for new schemes there are three doses and for reinforcement it is a single dose,” he commented.

Clark said the country’s capital city is reporting between 250 and 300 new Covid-19 cases per day. He added that a majority of those testing positive are not being hospitalized.