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Mexico City man jailed after being found with tiger cub, turtles

Mexico City, Mexico — Agents from the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office reported the detention of a man after he was found allegedly transporting a young tiger cub. The arrest of a man they have identified as José N took place in the streets of Mexico City after police spotted him with the animal in a car.

Elements of the Investigation Police said they were circulating through the streets of the Narvarte neighborhood when they observed him aboard a vehicle with the animal, but when noticing the presence of the agents, the driver became evasive.

According to the police report, the agents stopped the car. Iniside, police also discovered José N was carrying four turtles, for which he was arrested for the crime of illegal trafficking of specimens, parts and derivatives of wild flora and fauna.

The man was transferred to the Public Ministry of the Territorial Investigation Prosecutor’s Office in Cuauhtémoc-II for the following legal procedures.